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Apr 3

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for the best night of sleep I’ve had in quite a long time! Thank you for the peaceful evening, hanging out with the cats outside, then listening to my Mate snore peacefully inside, while I watched some shows on mindfulness and on nature stuffs. I feel refreshed and revigorated this morning! Lord, please help us all to learn how to resist LESS the things we cannot change, so that we suffer less. Help us to reach and stretch and GROW outside our comfort zones, while still staying tied securely to YOU, Lord. Guide us through this evil world, and help us to show kindness and compassion even to those who do not give it to us. Amen. Thank you for JOY, Father! 🙂

1 Chronicles 16:23-36 ERV

Let the whole world sing to the LORD! Tell the good news every day about how he saves us. 
Tell all the nations how wonderful he is! Tell people everywhere about the amazing things he does. 
The LORD is great and worthy of praise. He is more awesome than any of the “gods.” 
All the “gods” in other nations are nothing but statues, but the LORD made the heavens! 
He lives in the presence of glory and honor. His Temple is a place of power and joy. 
Praise the LORD, all people of every nation; praise the LORD’S glory and power! 
Give the LORD praise worthy of his glory. Come into his presence with your offerings. Worship the LORD in all his holy beauty. 
Everyone on earth should tremble before him! But the world stands firm and cannot be moved. 
Let the heavens rejoice and the earth be happy! Let people everywhere say, “The LORD rules!” 
Let the sea and everything in it shout for joy! Let the fields and everything in them be happy! 
The trees of the forest will sing for joy when they see the LORD, because he is coming to rule the world. 
Give thanks to the LORD because he is good. His faithful love will last forever. 

Say to him, “Save us, God our Savior. Bring us back together, and save us from the other nations. Then we will give thanks to your holy name and joyfully praise you.” 
Praise the LORD, the God of Israel! He always was and will always be worthy of praise! All the people praised the LORD and said “Amen!”


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