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Mar 28

Good morning, Lord.
Thank you for life, Father — a chance to grow and learn and contribute something to this world. Thank you for spiritual Life — a chance to learn the voice of the Shepherd, and see what you will create in us and with us. Thank you for my husband, the ability to share daily things with each other and share the load of life. And thank you for my Mate, the ways in which my husband is also a best friend, soul mate, spiritual brother, and Head. Thank you for occasional buffeting and challenging from both my Shepherd and my Mate, Lord, for you guys really help me be the best I can be and grow outside my comfort zones. Thank you for making my Mate strong enough to be challenged right back by myself, and humble enough to hear me. Thank you for mutual respect, and thank you for giving HIM a project to work on now, too — with hopefully many more to come!! 😀

Ecclesiastes 4:4-12 ERV

Then I thought, “Why do people work so hard?” I saw people try to succeed and be better than other people. They do this because they are jealous. They don’t want other people to have more than they have. This is senseless. It is like trying to catch the wind. 
Some people say, “It is foolish to fold your hands and do nothing. If you don’t work, you will starve to death.” 
Maybe that is true. But I say it is better to be satisfied with the few things you have than to always be struggling to get more. 
Again I saw something else that didn’t make sense: 
I saw a man who has no family, not a son or even a brother. But he continues to work very hard. He is never satisfied with what he has. And he works so hard that he never stops and asks himself, “Why am I working so hard? Why don’t I let myself enjoy my life?” This is also a very bad and senseless thing. 
Two people are better than one. When two people work together, they get more work done. 
If one person falls, the other person can reach out to help. But those who are alone when they fall have no one to help them. 

If two people sleep together, they will be warm. But a person sleeping alone will not be warm. 
An enemy might be able to defeat one person, but two people can stand back-to-back to defend each other. And three people are even stronger. They are like a rope that has three parts wrapped together—it is very hard to break. 

Thank you, Lord, for helping me be so very content and happy with the few things that I have. Thank you for helping me use what I have to create and refine all the programmable cubbyholes on my new website, bringing them several steps further yesterday, to new functionality that I could not have foreseen, and solving problems I didn’t know could be fixed. Please continue to guide me, Lord, and help me to build something stable and secure and productive. Help me to enjoy the process as much as the result, so that I can be wise enough to enjoy my life and my work, and not JUST work hard, heehee.


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