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Mar 7

Good morning, Lord!
THANK YOU for the awesome progress and exciting changes, Father! THANK YOU for keeping me CALM while I dealt with the crisis yesterday and the night before, and thank you for guiding me faithfully, providing little puzzle pieces in advance that I never could have known I would NEED! It is so awesome to be able to see you working in my life, Lord, and to have a little way to share it with others. It is delightful to be your child, one of your Little Ones who put our trust in you!

Isaiah 26:2-14 ERV

Open the gates for the good people to enter. They are God’s faithful followers
God, you give true peace to people who depend on you, to those who trust in you. 
So trust the LORD always, because in the LORD YAH you have a place of safety forever. 

But he will destroy the proud city and punish those who live there. He will throw that high city down to the ground. It will fall into the dust. 
Then poor and humble people will walk on those ruins. 
Honesty is the path good people follow. They follow the path that is straight and true. And God, you make that way smooth and easy to follow. 
But, LORD, we are waiting for your way of justice. We want to honor you and your name. 
At night my soul longs to be with you, and the spirit in me wants to be with you at the dawn of every new day. When your way of justice comes to the world, people will learn the right way of living. 
Evil people will not learn to do good, even if you show them only kindness. They will still do wrong, even if they live in a good world. They never see the LORD’S greatness. 

LORD, your arm is raised to punish them, but they don’t see it. Show them how strong your love is for your people. Then those who are evil will be ashamed. Yes, your fire will destroy your enemies. 
LORD, you have succeeded in doing everything we tried to do, so give us peace. 
LORD, you are our God, but in the past, we followed other lords. We belonged to other masters, but now we want people to remember only one name—yours. 
Those dead lords will not come to life. Those ghosts will not rise from death. You decided to destroy them, and you destroyed everything that makes us think about them. 


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