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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Feb 21

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for the peace that pervades all this morning. Thank you for the humid, semi-warm air with overcast skies that may threaten our barbeque later today but right now just seems absolutely lovely! Thank you for the cat nestled against my hide, and the cedar waxwings whistling their feeding sounds in the trees nearby and overhead. Thank you for the gorge a stone’s throw away, and thank you for the great blue heron which has made the nearby pond his home. Thank you for my health, and the health of my Mate and each of my children. Please be with each of my sons as they work to move forward in their lives. Encourage their hearts, Lord, and give each of them a permanent and intimate relationship with you. Prepare my daughter for her 22nd birthday tomorrow, and please help her heart not grieve that she is far away from me and her brothers and her buddy, my Mate. Give her something special for her special day, Lord Jesus, and encourage her to draw near to you for all of her needs. Amen.

Isaiah 65:16-25 ERV

The Lord says, “People now ask blessings from the earth. But in the future they will ask blessings from the faithful God. People now trust in the power of the earth when they make a promise. But in the future they will trust in the God who is faithful. That’s because the troubles in the past will all be forgotten. They will be hidden from my sight.” 
“I am creating a new heaven and a new earth. The troubles of the past will be forgotten. No one will remember them. 
My people will be happy and rejoice forever and ever because of what I will make. I will make a Jerusalem that is full of joy, and I will make her people happy. 
“Then I will rejoice with Jerusalem. I will be happy with my people. There will never again be crying and sadness in that city. 
In that city there will never be a baby who lives only a few days, and every older person will live for a long, long time. A person who lives 100 years will be called young. And whoever doesn’t live that long will be considered cursed. 
“In that city whoever builds a house will live there; whoever plants a vineyard will eat the grapes from that garden. 
Never again will one person build a house and another person live there. Never again will one person plant a garden and another eat the fruit from it. My people will live as long as the trees. My chosen people will get full use of whatever they make. 
Never again will a woman suffer childbirth and have her baby die. Women will not fear childbirth. I, the LORD, will bless all my people and their children. 
I will answer them before they call for help. I will help them before they finish asking. 
Wolves and little lambs will eat together. Lions will eat hay like cattle, and snakes will eat only dust. They will not hurt or destroy each other on my holy mountain.” This is what the LORD said. 

Lord, often at times like these I can almost feel that other timeline, the way the earth WILL be, the way life WILL be. I feel the impurity of evil all around me, yet I feel the promise written in your creation. The cats, the trees, the breeze, the persistant GREEN — all of it as surely belonging to you and made for your glory as it ever was or will be. I thank you for giving us a promise of a time when all our own, individual work will be accomplished. I thank you for the promise of a life that is lived in such close proximity to you, without the negative influence of mankind upon your creation. And I thank you for the HOPE of sharing another, longer timeframe with my Mate, perhaps to build a house, grow a household, and plant gardens and vinyards together. And yet more than that, at this moment, I thank you for your mercy in THIS timeframe, helping us survive in this evil world and keep ourselves as separate from it as you allow to be possible at this time. I thank you for your Spirit which nourishes us, guides us, protects us, and sustains us. I thank you for your Touch, faithful Shepherd. Help me to know your Voice more surely all the time. Amen. 🙂


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