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Feb 11

Good morning, Lord!
It is so cool to wake up early and get right to work on my favorite “pet” project, heehee! Please do help me to stop and take breaks and exercise and work on OTHER projects as well, Lord. THANK YOU that I have been doing well so far, still giving lots of attention to my Mate and to my body and to my other work. Please help me pace myself and not get too burned out. And please help me to maintain the excitement and clarity, to get this project DONE! 🙂

Ecclesiastes 7:1-10 ERV

A good reputation is better than expensive pleasures. The day someone dies is better than the day they were born. 
It is better to go to a funeral than to a party, because everyone must die, and the living need to remember this. 
Sorrow is even better than laughter, because when our face is sad, our heart becomes good. 
A wise person thinks about death, but a fool thinks only about having a good time. 
It is better to be criticized by the wise than praised by the foolish. 
The laughter of fools is such a waste. It is like thorns burning under a pot. The thorns burn so quickly that the pot does not get hot. 
Even the wise will forget their wisdom, if someone pays them enough. That money destroys their understanding. 
It is better to finish something than to start it. It is better to be gentle and patient than to be proud and impatient. 
Don’t become angry quickly, because anger is foolish. 
Don’t say, “Life was better in the ‘good old days.’ What happened?” Wisdom does not lead us to ask that question. 

Lord, I know so many people who are stuck in that last mentality of mourning the loss of “the good old days” that I am actually GLAD that I didn’t ever really have “good old days”! The closest I came was my favorite year of SCHOOL: 1984, when I felt the most FREE before my parents sent me off to a girls’ camp for 11 months. When I got out, I had to leave my Mate behind in Texas and move back to Michigan… and didn’t get to stay in Texas with him again until 2 decades later! THANK YOU for returning me safely to my Mate, even though it took so long, Lord. LOL! I am very grateful for the years between — they may not have been easy, but they definitely served to mature us both — for you and for each other!


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