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Feb 10

Good morning, Father!
THANK YOU for leading me to a project that I can work on for hours every day, totally exhausting myself… and wake back up the next morning craving to do MORE!! THANK YOU for preserving me a little niche in this world, in this modern age of technology and digital-everything! THANK YOU for allowing me to feel so fulfilled, so calm, so determined, so ALIVE when I do this work! I give the entire project and all my hopes and dreams and loves and dreads to YOU, faithful Shepherd. Do with it what YOU will, what YOU have planned. If it falls flat or goes nowhere beyond myself, I still THANK YOU for answering a question I have had for over 2 decades, when I first started working on my home computer, creating educational materials for my children, KNOWING there HAD to be a way to easily change colors and find related colors — in a precise, mathematical way. THANK YOU for showing me HOW, awesome Creator and Father and Lord!!

Genesis 9:11-15 ERV

This is my promise to you: All life on the earth was destroyed by the flood. But that will never happen again. A flood will never again destroy all life on the earth.” 
And God said, “I will give you something to prove that I made this promise to you. It will continue forever to show that I have made an agreement with you and every living thing on earth. 
I am putting a rainbow in the clouds as proof of the agreement between me and the earth. 
When I bring clouds over the earth, you will see the rainbow in the clouds. 
When I see this rainbow, I will remember the agreement between me and you and every living thing on the earth. This agreement says that a flood will never again destroy all life on the earth. 

Lord, my God, I have known you since I was a tiny abused child, when I would look around at your creation and just KNOW, with a child’s simple intuition or instinct, that you exist and that you OWN all that my eyes could see, my ears could hear, and my skin could feel. I have bowed to you, respected you, adored you all my life… and now you have given me a great treasure that only YOU could give me, for only YOU could possibly understand what it means to me. THANK YOU for never letting me give up the balancing act of nature and technology, heehee! 😀


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