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Feb 6

Oh my, Lord, you have created me to be SUCH a Nerd!! LOL, yesterday when I was watching one of my Great Courses, I saw a chart showing the relationships between the sequencing of different codons in DNA — relative to all the different amino acids (protein building blocks) — and I was THRILLED to my toes!! So much so, that I had to post it on my Facebook page to see if anyone else out there got excited by this:

[I am sure this is copyrighted by Great Courses or something]
…and now, this morning, I am THRILLED by yet another chart… or series of charts… the 216 Color Cube — which to me basically signifies the relationship between color and MATH! I have been excited by COLOR for as long as I can remember… and I have enjoyed various maths over the years… but I have been wanting to learn how math “informs” or “creates” color for years now! Yesterday I posted a pic of my Happy Camper desk, and part of what made it so appealing to me was the flat of 48 oil pastels on the table — the COLORS! This morning, I woke up with colors on my brain, and ideas how I want to make an eBook about Color Play (sooooooo many ideas!!) so when I went to reexamine my hex color notes, I found the 216 color cube and started to get that THRILLED feeling again — twice in two days! And of course, it all has to do with pattern… I guess it is the immutable PATTERN nature of MATH that excites me to my toes. In fact, one thing that excites me about the natural world is all the mathematical patterns to be found — not only at a molecular level but also at the macroscopic level — like the symmetries and variations of leaves and animal skin patterns, especially those employing the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio/golden triangle. How AWESOME is our Creator!!! 😀

Isaiah 45:18 ERV

The LORD is God. He made the skies and the earth. He put the earth in its place. He did not want the earth to be empty when he made it. He created it to be lived on. “I am the LORD. There is no other God. 

Isaiah 45:12 ERV

I made the earth, and I created the people on it. I used my own hands to make the skies. And I command all the armies in the sky.

Isaiah 40:25-26 ERV

The Holy One says, “Can you compare me to anyone? No one is equal to me.” 
Look up to the skies. Who created all those stars? Who created all those “armies” in the sky? Who knows every star by name? He is very strong and powerful, so not one of these stars is lost. 

Psalm 74:16-17 ERV

You control the day and the night. You made the sun and the moon. 
You set the limits for everything on earth. And you created summer and winter. 


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