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Feb 5

Lord, I don’t think I can be much more content than I am right now, heehee. 😀 Outside of being broke and needing contact lenses, everything seems to be awesome — the weather, progress in my work, all my relationships… and mostly my health (just minor complaints). I LOVE having my Mate nearby, working outdoors on the property! I LOVE having the camper to myself, and the freedom to work at the table with the windows wide open and the breeze blowing in… or take a break and go exploring along the spillway or in the gorge, finding new things to photograph or record on video. I enjoy having so many different projects to work on, and not feeling like I HAVE TO do any one thing at any given time (mostly). And I love it that I can freely communicate with each one of my children — even though it does sometimes take hours or even days to send a single text to my one son who doesn’t do Messenger. Lord, I offer that situation up to you, and ask you to provide a better way to communicate with him — either through the website I created for such a possible use… or through some other means. Please continue to lead me forward in ALL my projects and endeavors… and THANK YOU for this awesome time of supreme contentment! 😀

Acts 14:16-17 ERV

“In the past God let all the nations do what they wanted. 
But God was always there doing the good things that prove he is real. He gives you rain from heaven and good harvests at the right times. He gives you plenty of food and fills your hearts with joy.” 

1 Timothy 6:6-12 ERV

Devotion to God is, in fact, a way for people to be very rich, but only if it makes them satisfied with what they have. 
When we came into the world, we brought nothing. And when we die, we can take nothing out. 
So, if we have food and clothes, we will be satisfied with that. 
People who want to be rich bring temptations to themselves. They are caught in a trap. They begin to want many foolish things that will hurt them. These things ruin and destroy people. 
The love of money causes all kinds of evil. Some people have turned away from what we believe because they want to get more and more money. But they have caused themselves a lot of pain and sorrow. 
But you belong to God. So you should stay away from all those things. Always try to do what is right, to be devoted to God, and to have faith, love, patience, and gentleness. 

We have to fight to keep our faith. Try as hard as you can to win that fight. Take hold of eternal life. It is the life you were chosen to have when you confessed your faith in Jesus—that wonderful truth that you spoke so openly and that so many people heard. 

Thank you, Father, that I have plenty of food and a heart full of joy! I ask that you touch the hearts of the people whom I care for, including each of my four children, my dear sister in New York and my struggling brother in Iowa, as well as my biological and spiritual sister in Iowa, heehee. Others whom I cannot mention or who are not popping to mind at this time… I ask you to bless them abundantly, Father. I do not wish to be the only one with so much contentment and peace and joy!! Thank you for giving me my Mate who not only shares my joy, but adds to it! Lead on, faithful Shepherd! 😀

My happy little desk in the camper 😀


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