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Feb 3

Hello, Father!
Wow, I’ve been doing so much today, that I almost forgot I didn’t post here this morning, lol! THANK YOU for such a lovely warm day, Lord!! I hear from several people that it is unusually warm all across the nation today. Here, it was a delightful breezy warm morning for exploring the rocks and ravines… and an even warmer and sunnier afternoon, encouraging my Mate outdoors to work on his mini bike and take it out exploring…


Hebrews 13:20 ERV

I pray that the God of peace will give you every good thing you need so that you can do what he wants. God is the one who raised from death our Lord Jesus, the Great Shepherd of his sheep. He raised him because Jesus sacrificed his blood to begin the new agreement that never ends. I pray that God will work through Jesus Christ to do the things in us that please him. To him be glory forever. Amen. 

Lord, I thank you for all the brainstorming and creativity and exploration and new ideas today. I thank you for my awesome Mate and the joy we have in our simple, frugal life. I thank you for all the awesome people we have gotten to know, and all those we are yet to meet. I give you all my little hopes and dreams and ideas, Lord. Lead on! 😀


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