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Jan 31

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for guiding me through the burnout recovery day yesterday, heehee. And thank you for providing me with a good way to stay stabilized and keep from getting so burned out from this day forward. Please help me to be wise and stick to what works, instead of blindly, foolishly pushing myself to FINISH things that will just take far too much out of me. Help me to find joy and fulfilment in my projects, and please provide enough income that I have all that I need. My contacts are really starting to prevent clear sight, Father — and although I may not be able to afford to go to an eye doctor for awhile, I pray that you take care of my eyesight situation and guide me in how to make my vision sufficient to allow me to do my work well. Amen, thank you faithful Shepherd.

Psalm 119:18-19 ERV

Open my eyes so that I can see all the wonderful things in your teachings. 
I feel like a stranger visiting here on earth.
I need to know your commands. Don’t keep them hidden from me. 

2 Peter 3:13-18 ERV

But God made a promise to us. And we are waiting for what he promised—a new sky and a new earth. That will be the place where goodness lives. 
Dear friends, we are waiting for this to happen. So try as hard as you can to be without sin and without fault. Try to be at peace with God. 
Remember that we are saved because our Lord is patient.
Our dear brother Paul told you that same thing when he wrote to you with the wisdom that God gave him. 
That’s what he says in all his letters when he writes about these things. There are parts of his letters that are hard to understand, and some people give a wrong meaning to them. These people are ignorant and weak in faith. They also give wrong meanings to the other Scriptures. But they are destroying themselves by doing that. 
Dear friends, you already know about this. So be careful. Don’t let these evil people lead you away by the wrong they do. Be careful that you do not fall from your strong faith. 
But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Glory be to him, now and forever! Amen. 


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