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Jan 3

Well, Lord, so far we haven’t had ANY internet access in our camper… this whole year!! Heehe, well it HAS only been two full days and so far this morning, lol. I guess I do enjoy a nice New Year joke… like the fact that I haven’t seen any of my family besides my Mate since last year!!! It IS frustrating to not have internet, to be so limited in my work, unable to work on any of my sites. BUT I AM extremely grateful for several other things, like the coming days, even WEEKS of highs in the 50s & 60s… and peace in my home and heart… and being able to get a poor to fair wifi signal if I walk to the bathroom (like now)… and the fact that I can still use a couple of my Adobe apps even without wifi, even if I cannot use anything uploaded to the Creative Cloud like my fonts and saved graphics and fx styles and such. I can still make videos, and I have four of them waiting for uploading now… and I can still make some graphics. I will just trust you, Lord. And I thank you for what I DO have. Amen.

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