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Dec 13

Thank you, Lord, for guiding us in your awesome timing, getting done everything we truly needed to get done before the 2-day storm hits. I don’t know how bad it will get, but I know that you are merciful, and that it should all be over by Saturday morning — and I am looking forward to the possibility of awesome weather again this weekend! Thank you for your guidance, your protection, and your provision, faithful Shepherd! Thank you also for helping me learn so much in the new ways to create websites, and please continue to guide me and show me what to do, when, in what order. Amen.

Psalm 25:4-13 ERV

LORD, help me learn your ways. Show me how you want me to live. 
Guide me and teach me your truths.
You are my God, my Savior. You are the one I have been waiting for. 
Remember to be kind to me, LORD. Show me the tender love that you have always had. 
Don’t remember the sinful things I did when I was young. Because you are good, LORD, remember me with your faithful love. 
The LORD is good and does what is right. He shows sinners the right way to live. 
He teaches his ways to humble people. He leads them with fairness. 
The LORD is kind and true to those who obey what he said in his agreement. 
LORD, I have done many wrong things. But I ask you to forgive them all to show your goodness. 
When people choose to follow the LORD, he shows them the best way to live. 
They will enjoy good things, and their children will get the land God promised.


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