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Mar 30

Hi, God.
Thank you for being here. Thank you for letting my oldest son email me, so I could tell someone about the trauma of last night. Thank you for helping me paint out my feelings early this morning. That relieved some of the pressure, and gave me a little more hope. Father, please protect the heart and mind of my youngest son, who has been trying so hard to help us, and who got accused unfairly by my husband, almost turning me against him. Thank you for protecting our relationship against the enemy’s attacks. Please also protect my relationship with my son. He finally calls me, and THIS happens…! I hurt, Lord. I love him. I hate that he is alone, in the military, doesn’t even have a good friend there yet. Please be his friend, Father. Comfort and encourage him, better than I ever could. Please bring him to a place where he knows you, loves you, trusts in you — so that he will never be alone again! 😀

James 4:5-10 ERV

Do you think the Scriptures mean nothing? The Scriptures say, “The Spirit God made to live in us wants us only for himself.
But the kindness God shows is greater. As the Scripture says, “God is against the proud, but he is kind to the humble.”
So give yourselves to God. Stand against the devil, and he will run away from you.
Come near to God and he will come near to you. You are sinners, so clean sin out of your lives. You are trying to follow God and the world at the same time. Make your thinking pure.
Be sad, be sorry, and cry! Change your laughter into crying. Change your joy into sadness.
Be humble before the Lord, and he will make you great.

Lord, I thank you for pruning so very many things OUT of my life, so they do not get between you and me. I think all I really do have LEFT are things to create with (my computer, software, and art supplies) and things to learn with (books, movies, audiobooks). Father, I give even these things to you. If you desire for us to be kicked out of our home and for me to lose everything I have, so be it. However, I pray that you protect my children’s hearts, especially the one who tried to lend us money in time for our landlord not to kick us out, and for the daughter who only has 2 months left until she graduates. Lord, we are all in your hands. I trust you, even as I walk through this valley of death. Thank you for choosing me! 😀


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