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November 28

Yay!! There is HOPE! I have a small amount of wifi during the DAY today!! Heehee, well too bad I didn’t get ANY real sleep last night, lol. Still, I feel quite blessed and content, no complaints. THANK YOU, Father, for the awesome gifts of a soul Mate and this peaceful time to share with him. Thank you that each of my children are safe and healthy, even though I pray that you give my sons peace and don’t let them get too lonely or too overwhelmed with life. Give them each the gift of a close relationship with you, so that I can rest in the knowledge that no matter what, you have their back. THANK YOU, Father, for protecting and nurturing the ones that I love. And thank you for this delightful weather, warm enough for open doors and windows and even a little running of fans! 😀

Psalm 89:19-26 ERV

Lord, you once spoke in a vision to your followers: “I have made a young soldier strong. From among my people I chose him for an important position. 
I have found my servant David and anointed him as king with my special oil. 
I will support him with my right hand, and my arm will make him strong. 
So no enemy will ever control him. The wicked will never defeat him. 
I will destroy his enemies before his eyes. I will defeat those who hate him. 
I will always love and support him. I will always make him strong. 
I will put him in charge of the sea. He will control the rivers. 
He will say to me, ‘You are my father. You are my God, my Rock, my Savior.’ 


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