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Nov 16

Ok, Lord, I am fixin’ to pack up my Lenny laptop for at least several days, up to a week or two — depends on how long it takes my Mate to unbury my table in the camper, lol. BUT, I can still post from my phone… IF I have wifi/internet… Lord, please strengthen our minds and bodies for lifting the heavy items, plus the long drive and overnight sleep somewhere, probably parked at a truck stop or rest area or something… No matter what, THANK YOU for getting us the temporary plate so we can leave TODAY before the next storm hits here. I know I will feel much, much better once we are halfway down through Kansas, on our way to Oklahoma. Father, please help us get there in your perfect timing, so we can have a nice visit with my son. Please be with him, give him peace and HOPE. I am so grateful that you love him even more than I do. Please help him find his way to YOU, so he will never be alone ever again. Amen. 🙂

Psalm 102:1-17 ERV

A prayer for a time of suffering, when anyone feels weak and wants to tell their complaints to the LORD. LORD, hear my prayer. Listen to my cry for help. 
Don’t turn away from me when I have troubles. Listen to me, and answer me quickly when I cry for help. 
My life is passing away like smoke. My life is like a fire slowly burning out. 
My strength is gone— I am like dry, dying grass. I even forget to eat. 
Because of my sadness, I am losing so much weight that my skin hangs from my bones. 
I am lonely, like an owl living in the desert, like an owl living among old ruined buildings. 
I cannot sleep. I am like a lonely bird on the roof.
My enemies insult me all the time. They make fun of me and use me as an example in their curses. 
My great sadness is my only food. My tears fall into my drink. 
You were angry with me, so you picked me up and threw me away. 
My life is almost finished, like the long shadows at the end of the day. I am like dry and dying grass. 
But you, LORD, will rule as king forever! Your name will continue forever and ever! 
You will rise up and comfort Zion. The time has come for you to be kind to Zion. 
Your servants love her stones. They love even the dust of that city! 
The nations will worship the LORD’S name. All the kings on earth will honor you. 
The LORD will rebuild Zion, and people will again see her glory. 
He will listen to the prayers of those in poverty. He will not ignore them. 


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