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Mar 29

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for helping me get up before dawn this morning and get out there and get the back yard mowed — before the neighbor let their dog out! Thank you for showing me, reassuring me that it is NOT me, for I have never hated an animal, but that black lab’s bark literally rattles my brain and makes me see red, jumping on the fence and almost touching me while I try to calmly mow my own yard. But the new pit bull in the yard behind us was friendly, barked a little but not constantly, didn’t hurl herself into the fence, didn’t have a bark that rattled my brain. So off and on, I called to her in a happy voice. She just wanted to play. It cheered me, helped me feel better. Thank you, Father! Thank you also for helping me have the endurance to do two hours of mowing — from 7am to after 9am…! 😀

1 Thessalonians 5:11-24 ERV

So encourage each other and help each other grow stronger in faith, just as you are already doing.
Now brothers and sisters, we ask you to recognize the value of those who work hard among you–those who, as followers of the Lord, care for you and tell you how to live.
Show them the highest respect and love because of the work they do. Live in peace with each other.
We ask you, brothers and sisters, to warn those who will not work. Encourage those who are afraid. Help those who are weak. Be patient with everyone.
Be sure that no one pays back wrong for wrong. But always try to do what is good for each other and for all people.
Always be full of joy.
Never stop praying.
Whatever happens, always be thankful. This is how God wants you to live in Christ Jesus.
Don’t stop the work of the Holy Spirit.
Don’t treat prophecy like something that is not important.
But test everything. Keep what is good,
and stay away from everything that is evil.
We pray that God himself, the God of peace, will make you pure–belonging only to him. We pray that your whole self–spirit, soul, and body–will be kept safe and be blameless when our Lord Jesus Christ comes.
The one who chose you will do that for you. You can trust him.

Some verses I just can never get enough of, and this set is one of them. 🙂

Father, I thank you for the provision of my new friend from NY and how we’ve been able to encourage one another in our faith during trying times. Father, I pray that you use this blog and my words and my struggles and triumps and growth, to encourage others some day. I pray that you shine your Light on the work that I do for you, reveal it’s value to myself and to my husband, so that at least we can not resent me and what you give me to do. Let my work continue to help others, even if it doesn’t pay the bills. But Lord, I pray that you bless it enough to increase the income I make, so that I CAN help others, financially. I pray that you work your miracles in our lives. There is a piece of paper that says we must be moved out of our house by midnight tonight, because we are almost 3 months late paying our rent. My husband is also late on his child support payments, and has to go to court AGAIN. And you know, Lord, that I have only 2 more days to have a car, before the registration expires and I am without transportation for some indefinite period of time. Lord, all we did was trust in you. We prayed, asked you to guide us, followed you. I know that you are Faithful and will be our Hero, our Savior, even in these little temporal issues of daily life and MONEY — the standard the world sets for “success”, which I resent (sorry). I ask you to work your miracles, let us have enough money by Friday — the extended deadline — to appease the landlord until my husband’s checks start coming in. Father, help me to not fear what man can do to me, and how man condemns me for not making enough money, even though I work all day, 7 days a week. Let me not be bitter, not be afraid, not be moved by anyone’s hand but your own. Help me to hold onto the faith you have given me and not act in fear and not speak in bitterness. Let me do the work you have given me, trusting YOU to bring the increase, Lord. Continue to guide me, Shepherd, and show me the fields to rest in — and the work that I must do, today.


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