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Nov 5

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for helping me finally get some sleep, and thank you for keeping my mind and heart relatively stable while I went through that little cram session of learning how to use my new digital tools! Thank you also for the fascinating new understanding of relation(ship)s as a foundational element to just about everything we DO — “every verb is interactive” — even how the physiological brain itself works is based on relationships and interactivity — how cool! 🙂

Psalm 33:13-22 ERV

The LORD looked down from heaven and saw all the people. 
From his high throne he looked down at all the people living on earth. 
He created every person’s mind, and he knows what each one is doing. 
A king is not saved by the power of his army. A soldier does not survive by his own great strength. 
Horses don’t really bring victory in war. Their strength cannot help you escape. 
The LORD watches over his followers, those who wait for him to show his faithful love. 
He saves them from death. He gives them strength when they are hungry. 
So we will wait for the LORD. He helps us and protects us. 
He makes us happy. We trust his holy name. 
LORD, we worship you, so show your great love for us. 

Lord, I am still a bit aggitated, impatient to get back down to Texas and nestle in for the winter. I admit that I still have anxious thoughts about packing up, getting unpacked, and making it the first part of the trip — either through the city or up and down those hills! I am concerned that we do not have enough money for gas. I wish I could just go to sleep and wake up in Oklahoma, visiting my son and having arrived at the less stressful, more fun part of the trip, lol. Please help me to trust you and keep putting all my little worries into your Hands, knowing that it will all be done in your perfect timing. I trust you completely, faithful Shepherd. Help me to STOP feeling like I have to be prepared for everything and just focus in on the task before me at the given moment. Amen.


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