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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Mar 28

Good morning, God.
I don’t feel so good today. I’m sorry, but I am feeling pretty lousy, inside and out. Feel like worthless Garbage People, too low to lift my eyes to you. Full of shame, self-loathing, lacking hope. I’m sure you are still with me just as much as ever, so I am just being unfaithful. I’m sorry to disappoint you, Lord.

1 Thessalonians 4:11-12 ISV

Also, make it your goal to live quietly, to mind your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we instructed you,
so that you may win the respect of outsiders, and have need of nothing.

Lord, I have been living quietly. I have minded my own business. And you see how diligently I have been working with my own hands, on things that you have given me to do. However, I have almost no respect from anyone, or at least I do not know of their respect. And I have a great many needs that seem to be going unseen, unheard, and uncared for. I hurt, Lord. I feel like a wounded, bleeding sheep that is so weary that I just cannot take another step. Please come to me, Shepherd, and bind up my broken heart and let my mind and body feel the touch of your loving hands. Help me to find hope, and to stop feeling so beaten down by life. Increase my faith, Lord. I do not want to be a disappointment to you! I want to give you glory. If the way I do that is to trudge through endless cycles of poverty, still jumping up and rejoicing and sharing my faith with others, so let it be. Please forgive this moment of despair I am suffering this morning. Don’t hold it to my account, don’t let it destroy my witness. Just pick up your wounded, faithful little sheep, Lord, and carry me for the next few steps, please?


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