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Oct 31

Hello, Father!
Thank you for the distraction of lighthearted fun these last few days, and thank you for keeping my Mate safe while he shimmied up the tree like a black bear to get the dog’s toy, lol. I am simply amazed that he didn’t have a single scratch on his skin or clothing — how awesome is that?!

Please help me make the best use of this little library time today, Lord — and help me find a new theme for the OMP site, so that I do not have to spend a bunch of time re-coding the one I am currently using. THANK YOU for encouraging me in my work and in my relationships, Lord — and even in my art! Please be with each of my children today, keep them safe and give them HOPE. Amen. 🙂

Job 4:6-19 ERV

You worship God. You trust him. You are a good man, so let that be your hope. 
Can you think of any innocent person who was ever destroyed? Do you know of any place where good people are punished? 
Yes, I have seen people whose lives were cut short, but they were evil troublemakers. 
They lost the breath God gave them. They were cut off from his breath of life. 
They were like roaring lions, like growling lions with broken teeth— 
like a lioness that cannot find prey. They died, and their cubs starved to death. 
“I happened to hear a message. My ears caught a whisper of it. 
Like a bad dream in the night, it ruined my sleep. 
It frightened me, and I trembled down to my bones. 
A spirit passed by my face. The hair on my body stood up! 
The spirit stood still, but I could not see what it was. A shape stood before my eyes, and there was silence. Then I heard a quiet voice: 
A person cannot be more right than God. People cannot be more pure than their Maker. 
Look, God cannot even trust his heavenly servants. He sees faults even in his angels. 
So surely people are worse! They live in houses of clay built on dust. They can be crushed as easily as a moth! 


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