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Mar 22

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for the awesomeness of your care! We may not have any money at all, but we have YOU, and that is ENOUGH. I have joy in my heart, and I rejoice in how resilient you have made it…! For even when I went to Walmart to spend my last few dollars on laundry soap so that my husband could have clean clothes to wear to work, I could still feel sincere joy for the people who were there to spoil themselves on luxury items like outdoor furniture and jewelry. I truly feel no sadness for my own impoverished position at this time, but rather am rejoicing in the humility of it. I feel blessed! I came home and started a load of clothes and feel so happy! I am content, hopeful, and REALLY praying that you keep that headache away today, Lord. I know you let Satan touch Job’s body after he took away all his worldly possessions, but I still ask for your mercy to not let me suffer yet a third day under that horrible pain in my head. Still, no matter what, I will continue to praise you and look forward to your deliverance, Faithful One! 😀

Psalm 63:3-8 ERV

Your faithful love is better than life, so my lips praise you.
By my life, I will praise you. In your name, I lift my hands in prayer.
When I sit down to satisfy my hunger, my joyful lips hunger to praise you!
I remember you while lying on my bed. I think about you in the middle of the night.
That is because you are the one who helps me. It makes me happy to be under your protection!
I stay close to you, and you hold me with your powerful arm.


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