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Oct 29

Thank you, Lord, for the awesome distraction and progress and adventure and FUN yesterday evening, and thank you for making it all flow so easily and freely! Thank you for closeness with my Mate and understanding from my sister. Thank you for the sunshine today, and please help me to get the last outdoor things done on this supposedly last warm day. Prepare us in all ways for returning to Texas, even as we continue to finish things up around here. Please continue to be with me and guide me in tanning the deer hide, and help me to not cling to it in any way but to always stay willing to give it up or hand it over at any moment — probably to my Mate who wishes to use it on a jacket, but actually to whomever YOU choose to have it, Lord. You gave it to us, and it is still yours. I appreciate the experience and the strengthening of my faith through the entire thing. It has been delightful to be so close and personal with a part of your creation.

Colossians 1:21-23 ERV

At one time you were separated from God. You were his enemies in your minds, because the evil you did was against him. 
But now he has made you his friends again. He did this by the death Christ suffered while he was in his body. He did it so that he could present you to himself as people who are holy, blameless, and without anything that would make you guilty before him. 
And that is what will happen if you continue to believe in the Good News you heard. You must remain strong and sure in your faith. You must not let anything cause you to give up the hope that became yours when you heard the Good News. That same Good News has been told to everyone on earth, and that’s the work that I, Paul, was given to do. 


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