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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Oct 26

Father, I feel quite aggitated this morning. I don’t feel quite actively worried about anything in particular, I guess I just feel generally frustrated with money and time and weather and especially with my own self and lack of productivity. It doesn’t seem to matter to me that I got a TON of work done yesterday — I feel fatter and lazier than I should be, having ate sugar stuff the last two days — and feeling like crap during the night, and in the morning. At least I am not as dizzy today as I was yesterday. Lord, please help me to stop trying to comfort myself with food, and help me look to YOU for my strength, my goodness, and my worth. Help me to allow your Holy Spirit to comfort and guide me forward this day. Help me to accept your provision and not feel like I have to work extra hard to provide for everyone around me. In truth, we ALL must trust YOU for everything in our lives.

Psalm 123 ERV

A song for going up to the Temple. Lord, I look up and pray to you. You sit as King in heaven. 
A slave looks to his master to provide what he needs, and a servant girl depends on the woman she serves. So we depend on the LORD our God, waiting for him to have mercy on us. 
LORD, be merciful to us, because we have been insulted much too long. 

We have had enough of the hateful words of those proud people who make fun of us and show us no respect. 


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