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Oct 18

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for the highly personalized encouragement and nurturing early this morning, and thank you for the closeness and peace between myself and my Mate. Thank you for helping us to have patience with each other and with your timing in our lives. Please help us finish up all our little tasks here in Iowa and head back south in your perfect timing — hopefully before it gets unbearably cold here! Thank you for the comparative warmth and the sunshine lately, making it so much easier to endure and accomplish our errands and such. Please guide me in my work and in my leisure, help me to create things that are pleasing to you. Amen.

Romans 12:2 ERV

Don’t change yourselves to be like the people of this world, but let God change you inside with a new way of thinking. Then you will be able to understand and accept what God wants for you. You will be able to know what is good and pleasing to him and what is perfect. 

1 John 2:15-17 ERV

Don’t love this evil world or the things in it. If you love the world, you do not have the love of the Father in you. 
This is all there is in the world: wanting to please our sinful selves, wanting the sinful things we see, and being too proud of what we have. But none of these comes from the Father. They come from the world. 
The world is passing away, and all the things that people want in the world are passing away. But whoever does what God wants will live forever. 

Lord, I thank you for giving me a great love for people, and only a low-level desire for things of this world. Thank you for creating me with a mind and heart that craves learning and growth and spontaneity more than complacency and routine. Please humble me and prune away the things in my life and in my heart and mind that only serve as useless distractions — even if I truly WANT those things. I trust you completely, Lord Jesus. I choose you! 😀


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