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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Aug 29

Hello, Lord!
Thank you so, so much for all the awesome repairs on Mr. D., our one ton diesel pickup which we soooo depend on!! Thank you for fun times with my mother-in-law, interacting with her and my Mate on the phone and on Facebook, sending selfies and other fun stuffs.
(like this selfie with Thor — do you KNOW how hard it is to take a selfie with a hyper dog??!!)

Thank you for all the fun interactions with some of my children, too! 😀 Thank you for my health, my energy, and my ability to work on so many different things and make progress on so many different projects all the time! Please help me to finish everything that needs to be done before my Mate gets up here, so I can relax and enjoy our first several days together without worrying about having to accomplish anything else during that time, heehee. 😀

Ecclesiastes 5:12-20 ERV

Those who work hard all day come home and sleep in peace. It is not important if they have little or much to eat. But the rich worry about their wealth and are not able to sleep. 
There is a very sad thing that I have seen happen in this life. People save their money for the future. 
Then something bad happens and they lose everything. So they have nothing to give to their children. 
People come into the world with nothing. And when they die, they leave with nothing. They might work hard to get things, but they cannot take anything with them when they die. 
It is very sad that people leave the world just as they came. So what does a person gain from “trying to catch the wind”? 
They only get days that are filled with sadness and sorrow. In the end, they are troubled, sick, and angry. 
I have seen what is best for people to do on earth: They should eat, drink, and enjoy the work they have during their short time here. God has given them these few days, and that is all they have. 
If God gives some people wealth, property, and the power to enjoy those things, they should enjoy them. They should accept the things they have and enjoy their work—that is a gift from God
People don’t have many years to live, so they must remember these things all their life. God will keep them busy with the work they love to do.


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