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Aug 19

Good morning, Father.
Lord, I am having trouble doing only ONE thing at a time. Mostly I am doing various things to update my K-12 sites, getting them ready for the increase in traffic due to school being back in session. But I am also trying to rebuild the H.E.R. site from scratch (for the third time!) while still maintaining all my OTHER projects, indoors and outdoors, online and offline. I will have to stop and go to church here in a little bit… unless I don’t. I feel the sermon is worth it, but the singing TO ME is not only annoying and hard to endure, but also feels like a colossal waste of my time right now. Father, PLEASE help me get more comfortable with my sister’s church — or else bring my Mate here and have HIM go with me, so I can be entertained and distracted by him. Which is the best thing I could actually ask for. Yes, Lord. Please help my Mate sell our spare camper, visit his mother at last, and FINALLY head up here to me, since we have been apart over 100 days now and I am starting to lose my mind with crazy irritation and impatience! Father, I give you my heart, my mind, my time, my work… even my impatience. I lay them all at your feet and pick up YOUR will instead — whatever that may be. I choose you, Jesus. Amen.

Joshua 24:14-20 ERV

Then Joshua said to the people, “Now you have heard the Lord’s words. So you must respect the LORD and sincerely serve him. Throw away the false gods that your ancestors worshiped. That was something that happened a long time ago on the other side of the Euphrates River and in Egypt. Now you must serve only the LORD. 
“But maybe you don’t want to serve the LORD. You must choose for yourselves today. Today you must decide who you will serve. Will you serve the gods that your ancestors worshiped when they lived on the other side of the Euphrates River? Or will you serve the gods of the Amorites who lived in this land? You must choose for yourselves. But as for me and my family, we will serve the LORD.” 
Then the people answered, “We will never stop following the LORD. We will never serve other gods! 
We know that it was the LORD God who brought our people out of Egypt. We were slaves in that land, but he did great things for us there. He brought us out of that land and protected us while we traveled through other lands. 
The LORD helped us defeat the people living in these lands. He helped us defeat the Amorites who lived in this land where we are now. So we will continue to serve the LORD, because he is our God.” 
Then Joshua said, “You will not be able to continue serving the LORD. God is holy. And God hates his people worshiping other gods. He will not forgive you if you turn against him like that. 
If you leave the LORD and serve other gods, he will cause terrible things to happen to you. He will destroy you. He has been good to you, but if you turn against him he will destroy you.” 

LOL, I thought this looked really funny, from this morning’s Patreon post:


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