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Aug 14

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for all the energetic outdoor work yesterday, pruning out and hauling off about half of a cedar tree and a couple dozen sumac trees! Thank you for giving me strength and energy, and the ability to work hard with either my body or mind or both! Please be with my Mate today, if and when he makes the drive to his mother’s house for a nice visit. Please be with me while I drive about the area this morning, getting several errands done and establishing a little bit more of my “roots” in this little town that I much enjoy. Give me wisdom and patience, and protect me from all the drivers on the road — including myself, lol.

Jude 24-25 ERV

God is strong and can keep you from falling. He can bring you before his glory without any wrong in you and give you great joy. 
He is the only God, the one who saves us. To him be glory, greatness, power, and authority through Jesus Christ our Lord for all time past, now, and forever. Amen. 

1 Thessalonians 5:8-11 ERV

But we belong to the day, so we should control ourselves. We should wear faith and love to protect us. And the hope of salvation should be our helmet. 
God did not choose us to suffer his anger. God chose us to have salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Jesus died for us so that we can live together with him. It is not important if we are alive or dead when Jesus comes. 
So encourage each other and help each other grow stronger in faith, just as you are already doing. 


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