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Mar 14

Good morning, Lord!
Thank you so much for helping me complete the first major step in the new work you have given me! I put the whole thing into your hands, where it will be safe. You have prepared the ground faithfully over the years, churning up the soil of my heart with healing and skillbuilding. Now you gave me seeds to plant in the first row yesterday. I pray that you water and warm those seeds, help them to sprout and bear fruit to your glory, my Lord!

Luke 13:18-21 ERV

Then Jesus said, “What is God’s kingdom like? What can I compare it to?
God’s kingdom is like the seed of the mustard plant. Someone plants this seed in their garden. The seed grows and becomes a tree, and the birds build nests on its branches.”
Jesus said again, “What can I compare God’s kingdom with?
It is like yeast that a woman mixes into a big bowl of flour to make bread. The yeast makes all the dough rise.”

Lord, what you have given me to do seems like a huge mountain tamed only by your presence. What I have already accomplished toward it seems like a tiny mustard seed. I cannot see how this minute little thing can some day grow into that mountainous work, but I trust you to bring the increase, Lord. Please continue to guide me, show me what to accomplish each day, and help me not to let my own stinky flesh get in the way. Thank you for using me, Lord! đŸ˜€


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