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Aug 6

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for your awesome mercy and grace, Lord. Thank you for the joy in my heart and the peace of my mind and spirit. Father, I give this day and my work and my time and energy to you, and I ask you to help me create with the Creator in a fun and helpful way today. Lead me step by step through my day, guiding me faithfully through each project and task. Please be with my beloved ones today, blessing each of us with your presence and your kind intervention into our lives. Help us to know your Spirit and your Voice more all the time, and help us to grow in wisdom as we learn to trust you more all the time. Amen.

Isaiah 45 — selected verses — ERV

Isa 45:5  I am the LORD, the only God. There is no other God except me. I put your clothes on you, but still you don’t know me. 
Isa 45:6  I am doing this so that everyone will know that I am the only God. From the east to the west, people will know that I am the LORD and that there is no other God. 
Isa 45:7  I made the light and the darkness. I bring peace, and I cause trouble. I, the LORD, do all these things. 
Isa 45:8  “May the clouds in the skies above drop goodness on the earth like rain. May the earth open and let salvation grow. And may victory grow with it! I, the LORD, created him. 
Isa 45:9  “Look at these people! They are arguing with the one who made them. Look at them argue with me. They are like pieces of clay from a broken pot. Clay does not say to the one molding it, ‘Man, what are you doing?’ Things that are made don’t have the power to question the one who makes them. 
Isa 45:10  A father gives life to his children, and they cannot ask, ‘Why are you giving me life?’ They cannot question their mother and ask, ‘Why are you giving birth to me?'” 
Isa 45:11  The LORD God is the Holy One of Israel. He created Israel, and he says, “My children, you asked me to show you a sign. You told me to show you what I have done. 
Isa 45:12  I made the earth, and I created the people on it. I used my own hands to make the skies. And I command all the armies in the sky. 
Isa 45:15  You are the God people cannot see. You are the God who saves Israel. 
Isa 45:16  Many people make false gods, but they will be disappointed. All of them will go away ashamed. 
Isa 45:17  But Israel will be saved by the LORD. That salvation will continue forever. Never again will Israel be shamed. 
Isa 45:18  The LORD is God. He made the skies and the earth. He put the earth in its place. He did not want the earth to be empty when he made it. He created it to be lived on. “I am the LORD. There is no other God. 
Isa 45:22  So all you people in faraway places, turn to me and be saved, because I am God, and there is no other. 
Isa 45:23  “When I make a promise, that promise is true. It will happen. And I swear by my own power that everyone will bow before me and will take an oath to obey me. 
Isa 45:24  They will say, ‘Goodness and strength come only from the LORD.'” And all who show their anger against him will be humiliated. 
Isa 45:25  The LORD will help the people of Israel live right and praise their God. 


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