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Jul 31

Thank you, Lord, for good people in my life. Thank you for freedom — body, mind, and spirit. Thank you that I am not addicted to any substance, but please help me to be patient and kind to everyone who IS addicted to something. Thank you for beautiful people like Vivian who do their best to reach out and encourage others. And thank you, Lord, for my awesome Mate who helps me to Love you and your people even more! Father, I give you my time, my heart, my mind, my hands, my tongue, my work today. Show me how to be more pleasing to you and more helpful to others. Prune away all the things in my life that do not honor you or move me further along the path that YOU choose for me, Lord. I trust you completely. Lead on, faithful Shepherd! 🙂

Titus 2:1-8 ERV

You, however, must tell everyone how to live in a way that agrees with the true teaching. 
Teach the older men to have self-control, to be serious, and to be wise. They must be strong in faith, in love, and in patience. 
Also, teach the older women to live the way those who serve the Lord should live. They should not go around saying bad things about others or be in the habit of drinking too much. They should teach what is good. 
By doing this they will teach the younger women to love their husbands and children. 
They will teach them to be wise and pure, to take care of their homes, to be kind, and to be willing to serve their husbands. Then no one will be able to criticize the teaching God gave us. 
In the same way, tell the young men to be wise. 
You should be an example for them in every way by the good things you do. When you teach, be honest and serious. 
And your teaching should be clearly right so that you cannot be criticized. Then anyone who is against you will be ashamed. There will not be anything bad they can say about us. 


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