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Jul 21

Thank you, Father, for blessing my socks off soooooo much in the last 24+ hours!! Yesterday morning I was JUST going to go out and take a little film of how much our little potted garden has grown… and thanks to your miraculous mercy and “creating with the Creator”, I have TWO extraordinary Thor’s Woods videos that I was able to film, produce, and publish in just under 24 hours — WOOT! And the little “Toad Encounter” one is now my FAVE of all the vids I’ve made thus far! THANK YOU for encouraging me, faithful Shepherd! I absolutely, certainly would NOT be able to do all this without YOU — or have as much FUN doing it!! 😀

Psalm 121 ERV

A song for going up to the Temple. I look up to the hills, but where will my help really come from? 
My help will come from the LORD, the Creator of heaven and earth. 
He will not let you fall. Your Protector will not fall asleep. 
Israel’s Protector does not get tired. He never sleeps. 
The LORD is your Protector. The LORD stands by your side, shading and protecting you. 
The sun cannot harm you during the day, and the moon cannot harm you at night. 
The LORD will protect you from every danger. He will protect your soul. 
The LORD will protect you as you come and go, both now and forever! 

Lord, you see ALL our needs, even the ones we are not even aware that we have. I thank you for making the Texas heat just a little bit more bearable for my Mate yesterday, and I ask you to lead us ALL forward in your will and purpose — and in your timing! Please guide both of us in how to spend our remaining days apart, and please help us to be patient with the process. Please also be with each of my children, as they each are having their own personal struggles. THANK YOU for taking such awesome care of each of us, Lord!


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