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Jul 7

Hello, Father!
Well, today my earthly father would be 88 years old, if he were still alive. Alas it has been close to ten years since he died — on MY birthday… and exactly 41 years since HIS father died on HIS birthday — 7-7-77 — how crazy is THAT?! Lord, you sure have a sense of humor! I know it was YOU, my true Father and Creator — because your Word says it is YOU who has the power of life and death and it is YOU who controls the times and the seasons. So, my hat’s off to my marvelous Master and Creator who has a wonderful sense of humor and delight!! 😀

Deuteronomy 32:39 ERV

Now, see that I, and only I, am God! There is no other God! I put people to death, and I let people live. I can hurt people, and I can make them well. No one can save another person from my power! 

Daniel 2:19-23 ERV

During the night, God explained the secret to Daniel in a vision. Then Daniel praised the God of heaven. 
He said, “Praise God’s name forever and ever! Power and wisdom belong to him. 
He changes the times and seasons. He gives power to kings, and he takes their power away. He gives wisdom to people, so they become wise. He lets people learn things and become wise. 
He knows hidden secrets that are hard to understand. Light lives with him, so he knows what is in the dark and secret places. 
God of my ancestors, I thank you and praise you. You gave me wisdom and power. You told us what we asked for. You told us about the king’s dream.” 

Lord, I thank you for my OWN “dreams and visions” — LOL. I thank you for making one of my “dreams” come true this very morning, as I released my first two Thor’s Woods videos! THANK YOU for helping me learn video production and graphic design, and thank you for giving me courage and determination to keep learning and growing. I have a LOT more to learn, and a great many more videos and designs to create. I give you my time, my mind, my heart, my spirit, my life. Please be with all whom I adore, including my awesome Mate and my four other greatest blessings — my children. And please don’t let any of THEM die on my birthday…!!! LOL — a joke for you, my humorous Father. 😉

Thank you, Lord… He may not have been the best father in this world, but he was still LEARNING to the very end — just like me. 😀
Happy Birthday, Dad.

And in honor of families, here are: my father’s parents — my mom — my dad — my mom’s parents:


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