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Jul 5

Hello, Father.
Lord, I am feeling a bit discouraged. I keep being told this situation is pretty hopeless, but I know that is without YOUR intervention. Yes, perhaps man cannot accomplish this task, but God can, even by using mankind. For you ARE the mover of men’s hearts, Oh Lord. I will just do my work and wait on your goodness, your provision. I will put my hope in YOU rather than on the power and compassion of your creations. You have never let me down, Lord. I trust you completely, as always. Thank you for caring for little me, and each of my little loved ones. Amen.

1 Timothy 6:16-19 ERV

God is the only one who never dies. He lives in light so bright that people cannot go near it. No one has ever seen him; no one is able to see him. All honor and power belong to him forever. Amen. 
Give this command to those who are rich with the things of this world. Tell them not to be proud. Tell them to hope in God, not their money. Money cannot be trusted, but God takes care of us richly. He gives us everything to enjoy. 
Tell those who are rich to do good—to be rich in good works. And tell them they should be happy to give and ready to share. 
By doing this, they will be saving up a treasure for themselves. And that treasure will be a strong foundation on which their future life will be built. They will be able to have the life that is true life. 

Psalm 62:5-12 ERV

I must calm down and turn to God; he is my only hope. 
He is my Rock, the only one who can save me.
He is my high place of safety, where no army can defeat me. 
My victory and honor come from God. He is the mighty Rock, where I am safe. 
People cannot really help. You cannot depend on them. Compared to God, they are nothing— no more than a gentle puff of air! 
Don’t trust in your power to take things by force. Don’t think you will gain anything by stealing. And if you become wealthy, don’t put your trust in riches. 
God says there is one thing you can really depend on, and I believe it: “Strength comes from God!” 
My Lord, your love is real. You reward all people for what they do. 


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