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May 30

Good morning, Lord.
Thank you for the beautiful rain yesterday and already this morning. Thank you for the lovely and productive walk in woods and field between the rains as well, with so many awesome shots of wet foliage — and the dog fetching his ball endlessly, lol. I now have so much footage of my sister’s rottweiler-heeler mix that I will HAVE to create a whole playlist called “Thor’s Woods”! Thank you for this beautiful place, Lord God. Please be with my Mate, keep him safe and bring him here in your perfect timing. Please protect my children as well, their hearts and spirits as well as their bodies. Help me to look to you today for guidance, for timing, for hope and for joy. Let me not get discouraged, but find my strength in YOU, faithful Shepherd. Amen.

Haggai 2:3-9 ERV

‘How many of you people look at this Temple and try to compare it to the beautiful Temple that was destroyed? What do you think? Does this Temple seem like nothing when you compare it with the first Temple? 
But the LORD says, “Zerubbabel, don’t be discouraged!” And the LORD says, “Joshua son of Jehozadak, you are the high priest. Don’t be discouraged! And all you people who live in the land, don’t be discouraged! Continue this work, because I am with you.” This is what the LORD All-Powerful said. 
“‘I made an agreement with you when you left Egypt, and I have kept my promise. My Spirit is with you, so don’t be afraid!‘ 
This is what the LORD All-Powerful said, ‘In just a little while, I will once again shake things up. I will shake heaven and earth, and I will shake the sea and the dry land. 
I will shake up the nations, and they will come to you with wealth from every nation. And then I will fill this Temple with glory.’ That is what the LORD All-Powerful said! 
‘All their silver really belongs to me! And all the gold is mine!’ This is what the LORD All-Powerful said. 
And the LORD All-Powerful said ‘This last Temple will be more beautiful than the first one, and I will bring peace to this place.’ Remember, this is what the LORD All-Powerful said.”


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