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Apr 18

Hello, Father.
Thank you for this awesome day, and all the fun and closeness with my Mate. Thank you for giving us the pair of scissortail flycatchers to admire while they were hunting in the field in front of our truck. Thank you for the chance to hear a tiny bit about how my daughter is doing, and please be with her every day while she goes through transitions. Comfort her, strengthen her, keep her safe and bring her to the place YOU want her to be, with the people YOU want to be a part of her life. Thank you for taking each of my children into your loving hands, faithful Shepherd. I know you love them even more than I do. I trust you with the treasures of my heart. Amen. 🙂

Isaiah 65:9-11,16-20

I will keep some of the people of Jacob. Some of the people of Judah will get my mountains. I will choose the people who will get the land. My servants will live there. 
Then Sharon Valley will be a field for sheep. The Valley of Achor will be a place for cattle to rest. All this will be for my people—for the people who come to me for help. 
“But you people left the LORD, so you will be punished. You forgot about my holy mountain. You began to worship Luck. You held feasts for the false god, Fate
The Lord says, “People now ask blessings from the earth. But in the future they will ask blessings from the faithful God. People now trust in the power of the earth when they make a promise. But in the future they will trust in the God who is faithful. That’s because the troubles in the past will all be forgotten. They will be hidden from my sight.” 
“I am creating a new heaven and a new earth. The troubles of the past will be forgotten. No one will remember them. 
My people will be happy and rejoice forever and ever because of what I will make. I will make a Jerusalem that is full of joy, and I will make her people happy. 
“Then I will rejoice with Jerusalem. I will be happy with my people. There will never again be crying and sadness in that city. 
In that city there will never be a baby who lives only a few days, and every older person will live for a long, long time. A person who lives 100 years will be called young. And whoever doesn’t live that long will be considered cursed. 

Lord, I feel almost as blessed as your people in these special verses. I feel your faithful care, and I rejoice in the fact that I do not have to rely upon Luck or upon Fate — or even on the strength of mankind or of mine own self — but instead I can rely on the faithful God, who loves His children even more than I love my own children. How cool is that?! 😀


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