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Mar 4

Good morning, Lord.
I am still not much understanding this new writing thing. I feel different, almost like I am “in training” or even in recovery from surgery — but I don’t know how to progress or even how to set my attitude. Still, I am trusting in you to lead the way, Shepherd. I know we will get there, and that you will not let me go off the path too far without a warning. I trust you to WARN me, Lord. Let me know ahead of time, before I ever get a chance to really mess things up. And even then, I know that you mercifully close any doors that I might wander through, thinking it is the path, but being deceived. Lord, please help me to not close the wrong doors with my unbelief, my fear, or my stubbornnesses!

Isaiah 50:5-10 ERV

The Lord GOD helps me learn, and I have not turned against him. I will not stop following him.
I will let those people beat me and pull the hair from my beard. I will not hide my face when they say bad things to me and spit at me.
The Lord GOD will help me, so the bad things they say will not hurt me. I will be strong. I know I will not be disappointed.
God is with me, and he is the one who shows that I am innocent. So no one can say I am guilty. If anyone wants to try to prove me wrong, they should come here, and we will have a trial.
But look, the Lord GOD helps me, so no one can prove me guilty. As for them, they will all be like worthless old clothes, eaten by moths.
People who respect the LORD also listen to his servant. That servant lives completely trusting in God without knowing what will happen. He really trusts in the LORD’S name and depends on his God.

Lord, I do not know what will happen. I do not know what you have for me today or in the days and months ahead. Still, I trust you, My Lord! I depend on you and I know I can rely on you, no matter what. You are Faithful, and you will make things happen. Please help me to be patient and not run ahead. Help me to be courageous and not fall behind. Let me stay with you, walking in your strength, and not stumble at my own fleshy feet. Thank you for choosing me, God! 😀


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