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Apr 4

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for encouraging me in so many little ways, both yesterday and already today! Thank you for helping me climb the learning curve of Adobe Animate CC and release my third little YouTube video yesterday, even if it is only a little 6-second long animation on the Spanish color AZUL, lol. I think it is so amazing how gently you lead me, Lord. If you would have told me, “I want you to produce TWO videos in two days and get two more of your YouTube channels going,” I would have been terrified and overwhelmed! Yet, that is exactly what I have done, as I’ve followed you step by step. Monday I just wanted to add a little video to an article on my namesake website, and yesterday I just wanted to make a little animation to post on my Spanish website. The first one I used only Premiere, and the second one I used only Animate — so I got intimately more familiar with BOTH those apps already this week! But both times, I found that the best way to put the video on my site was to host it on YouTube and link to it… So both times I also ended up launching one of my pre-established YouTube channels (I have 12!), thereby creating more cubbyholes waiting for me to fill them UP! You know how very much cubbyholes encourage me, Lord! Now I am eager to create more, more, more videos and animations, and launch ALL of my channels, heehee!! So I went to bed feeling quite encouraged — but still rather scummy and poor. I prayed, “Lord, I really need to make at least $20 tomorrow, so that I can pay my Adobe bill the next day!” I gave it to you, Lord, and I woke up to a message on my phone saying that my faithful monthly supporter just sent me $25 — early for this month!! How cool is that?! I feel very blessed indeed, Lord God. And on top of that, someone even put on a heater in the little bathroom this morning, since it is in the 30’s! Thank you so very much, faithful Shepherd, for taking care of little me. Lead on! 😀

Psalm 57:2-11 ERV

I pray to God Most High for help, and he takes care of me completely! 
From heaven he helps me and saves me. He will punish the one who attacks me. Selah God will remain loyal to me and send his love to protect me. 
My life is in danger. My enemies are all around me. They are like man-eating lions, with teeth like spears or arrows and tongues like sharp swords. 
God, rise above the heavens! Let all the world see your glory. 
My enemies set a trap for my feet to bring me down. They dug a deep pit to catch me, but they fell into it. Selah 
God, I am ready, heart and soul, to sing songs of praise. 
Wake up, my soul! Harps and lyres, wake up, and let’s wake the dawn! 
My Lord, I will praise you before all people. I will sing praises about you to every nation. 
Your faithful love is higher than the highest clouds in the sky! 

Rise above the heavens, God. Let all the world see your glory. 


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