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Apr 3

Lord, please hold my heart and my mouth, so that I can just pass through this hard time without making it worse — for however long it lasts. At least I have finally learned that it does no good to speak my troubles out loud, for they are only ever taken as problems to be fixed, and only ever receive assumptions of what is causing them. I feel like I could really use some comfort, Lord. I don’t need fixing, just need Loving. Please Love me, Lord. Encourage my weary heart and mind. Amen.

Psalm 145:14-21 ERV

The LORD lifts up people who have fallen. He helps those who are in trouble. 
All living things look to you for their food, and you give them their food at the right time. 
You open your hands and give every living thing all that it needs. 
Everything the LORD does is good. Everything he does shows how loyal he is. 
The LORD is near to everyone who sincerely calls to him for help. 
He listens to his followers and does what they want. He answers their prayers and saves them. 
The LORD protects everyone who loves him
, but he destroys all who do evil. 
I will praise the LORD! Let everyone praise his holy name forever and ever! 

Faithful Shepherd, please help me to focus more on what you have provided for me, and how to use it. Help me to not be so distracted by what I do NOT have, for I know that in your faithfulness I truly do have everything that I NEED. Feeling I am lacking something is just an illusion, a distraction. I choose to look to you and continue forward, even when I feel I cannot. Thank you for giving me everything I need, Lord.


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