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Mar 3

Good morning, Lord!
Whew! Last night seemed to be several nights long! I actually feel like I went on some type of voyage while I slept. Thank you for my time with my husband, and with YOU, Lord! Thank you for showing me how my imagination has been activated and how I really do have a STORY inside me, waiting to be written. I will do my best to write, write, write, so it gets easier and more like breathing (exhaling). Please guide me forward, Lord. Help me to develop the HABIT of looking to you for my next move, my next objective, my next task. Thank you, Shepherd!

1 Thessalonians 4:11-12 ERV

Do all you can to live a peaceful life. Mind your own business, and earn your own living, as we told you before.
If you do these things, then those who are not believers will respect the way you live. And you will not have to depend on others for what you need.

Lord, you see how much I work with my hands and my mind, trying to earn my own living. However, it doesn’t seem to be working so well, and it doesn’t seem to be increasing like I had expected. I suffered a big disappointment yesterday that made me want to throw in the towel and just give up on everything, start over from scratch. But I see you are not a God of abandonment, but of resurrection. Please show me which websites to resurrect, and how to do so. Quicken my mind to learn WordPress better, so I can make my sites more pleasing and helpful to visitors. Guide me to whatever work you would have me do outside of the websites and new digital products, Lord, and give me the courage and determination to see them DONE! Thank you, Holy Spirit, for being my Encouragement! 😀


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