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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Mar 27

Hello, Father!
Thank you for this nice rain, even the torentuous blowing and thundering and pounding rain of last night and early this morning. Thank you that all my things stayed more-or-less dry, and that it is warm this time instead of icy cold! Thank you for the break in the rain, the peaceful drippings and humidity and the chance for birds to get in a belated version of their dawn chorus, lol. Thank you for my awesome Mate and all his variety and lighthearted humorousness. Thank you for the variety in my work as well, and thank you for helping me to diligently learn NEW things, new ways of using the tools I have and refining their use so that I can achieve results that I desire more consistently. I give this day, my mind heart and body to you, faithful Shepherd. Help me to accomplish your will for me this day, and to LET GO of anything that does NOT get done or get learned. Amen.

Job 8:10-21 ERV

Maybe the old people can tell you something. Maybe they will teach you what they learned. 
“Can papyrus grow tall on a dry land? Can reeds grow without water? 
No, they will dry up before harvest. They will be too small to cut and use. 
People who forget God are like that. Those who oppose him have no hope. 
They have put their trust in something weak. It is like a spider’s web. 
When they lean against it, it will break. When they reach out for it, it will not hold them up. 
Such people are like a vine that gets plenty of water and sunshine, and its branches spread throughout the garden. 
Its roots spread among the rocks, searching for good soil. 
But if you move it, it will die, and no one can tell it was ever there. 
Everything might have been going well, but another vine will take its place. 
God does not support evil people, and he does not abandon the innocent. 
So perhaps you might laugh again. Maybe shouts of joy will come from your lips. 


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