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Mar 14

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for the awesomeness of my simple, frugal life. I already had to interrupt this post in order to grab an empty cereal box to hand to my Mate to start the fire for our breakfast. I love the way he makes eggs and how they are so much tastier cooked in a pan on the grill than on a stovetop, lol. But I love even more how you have given me such a silly man to keep my overly serious tendencies in check — as he chatters away just outside the camper, where I sit at the table working on my Lenny. Our entire household is the size of two vehicles, plus a 5×10 storage unit (and one I still have in Michigan, lol), and yet we are more free and more happy than when we had a doublewide trailer AND two vehicles. My business is growing… or at least I am growing in my ability to produce new and innovative materials FOR my business… and I honestly have ZERO things in life to complain about. My children are all healthy… and spring is fast approaching, bringing weather warm enough to finally go visit the one son I haven’t seen in toooooo long. Yay, thank you for this joyous day, faithful Shepherd!!

Romans 6:16-18 ERV

Surely you know that you become the slaves of whatever you give yourselves to. Anything or anyone you follow will be your master. You can follow sin, or you can obey God. Following sin brings spiritual death, but obeying God makes you right with him. 
In the past you were slaves to sin—sin controlled you. But thank God, you fully obeyed what you were taught. 
You were made free from sin, and now you are slaves to what is right.

Matthew 10:37-39 ERV

“Those who love their father or mother more than they love me are not worthy of me. And those who love their son or daughter more than they love me are not worthy of me. 
Those who will not accept the cross that is given to them when they follow me are not worthy of me. 
Those who try to keep the life they have will lose it. But those who give up their life for me will find true life. 

Lord, I am so very grateful that you are showing me more and more how to let go of the things in life that I think I NEED, in order to be so free and joyous! I know that I did still have plenty of joy in my old doublewide home — in fact I knew radiant joy even as a small abused child, whenever I would let go of the pain (physical and emotional) and just sing my little heart out to you as the Creator, the one I thought of as, “He who OWNS all this” when I sat recovering in the field, watching the birds fly and the trees wave and the bugs crawl. I was in love with you then, at four years old. I am in love with you still. I believe I can call that a “true life”. Thank you.



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