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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Mar 1

Hello, Father!
Thank you for helping me find my way back to a more calm and peaceful state of mind today. Thank you for the lightness and hope that I feel, and thank you for the good times with my Mate and even all the time I had today to learn and to contemplate many things. Thank you for the sunshine, and thank you for protecting my knee which has not popped out of joint now in several days — bonus! LOL. Please help me to remember to treat it gently, not stress the joint while it continues to heal. Show me how to wrap it in the ace bandage each time I redo it, and lead me when to remove the bandage and let it “breathe”. Please help me in the shower tomorrow — I am nervous that I may pop it out on the slippery surface. It still feels so unstable, Lord. I haven’t had this problem this much since I was in high school. Please teach me how to treat it, so it can heal. Thank you, Shepherd.

Jeremiah 10:19-24 ERV

I am hurt badly. I am injured and I cannot be healed. But I told myself, “This is my sickness; I must suffer through it.” 
My tent is ruined. All its ropes are broken. My children left me. They are gone. No one is left to put up my tent. No one is left to fix a shelter for me. 
The shepherds are stupid. They don’t try to find the LORD. They are not wise, so their flocks are scattered and lost. 
Listen! A loud noise! The noise is coming from the north. It will destroy the cities of Judah. Judah will become an empty desert. It will be a home for jackals. 
LORD, I know people don’t really know how to live right.
LORD, correct us! But be fair! Don’t punish us in anger! 

Lord, sometimes reading about your people in the past makes me so very grateful that I am not on your bad side! Thank you for always treating me kindly, gently, and with much encouragement and patience! Thank you that even though I AM hurt, I CAN be healed. Still, I thank you sincerely for nurturing me through each and every sickness and injury I’ve had in my life thus far. I feel confident that no matter what lies ahead, you will get me through it. Thank you, faithful Shepherd!! Lord, I thank you that I have a “tent” to dwell it, to keep my things mostly dry, and to stay mostly warm. I thank you that I have my husband to help me put up our “tent” and I thank you that I am still strong enough to help do that and just about everything else as well. I thank you for not punishing your people in anger, but instead providing us with your Son who gives us Life and teaches us how to Love. Teach me, Lord. I am yours.


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