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Feb 21

Okay, Father, I am appreciating your sense of humor!
Thirty-some hours ago it was a balmy 70 degrees, overnight. It started raining and getting cold a few hours after that, and hasn’t stopped. This morning the canvas on the little popup camper was already so waterlogged that there were tiny rivulets forming on the INSIDE, each one terminating in a tiny half-drip of water. I was afraid to touch it, feeling grateful for the stabilizing power of water’s surface tension, lol. Not sure that truly applies to wet canvas, but not touching it gave me hope, some semblance of control, lol. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate WET. At the time of the rivulets, the weather app on my phone showed a picture of SNOW. It was 31 degrees, windchill in the teens, but it was still raining. Now, about four hours later, it SOUNDS like it is still raining. Oddly however, the weather app now shows a cheery picture of rain falling lightly on green leaves — and everything outside has turned WHITE! The app calls this “wintry mix”. And every so often there is a rumbling thunderclap. LOL. Thunder snow!! 😛

Job 36:26-33 ERV

Yes, God is great, but we cannot understand his greatness. We don’t know how long he has lived. 
“God takes up water from the earth and changes it into mist and rain. 
So the clouds pour out the water, and the rain falls on many people. 
No one can understand how he spreads the clouds out or how the thunder rumbles from his home in the sky
Look, he spreads lightning all over the sky and covers the deepest part of the ocean. 
He uses them to control the nations and to give them plenty of food. 
He grabs the lightning with his hands, and commands it to strike where he wants. 
The thunder warns that a storm is coming. So even the cattle know it is near.

Psalm 29 ERV

A song of David. Praise the LORD, you heavenly angels! Praise the LORD’S glory and power. 
Praise the LORD and honor his name! Worship the LORD in all his holy beauty. 
The LORD’S voice can be heard over the sea. The voice of our glorious LORD God is like thunder over the great ocean. 
The LORD’S voice is powerful. It shows the LORD’S glory. 
The LORD’S voice shatters great cedar trees. The LORD breaks the great cedars of Lebanon. 
He makes Lebanon shake like a young calf dancing. Sirion trembles like a young bull jumping up and down. 
The LORD’S voice cuts the air with flashes of lightning. 
The LORD’S voice shakes the desert. The desert of Kadesh trembles at the LORD’S voice. 
The LORD’S voice frightens the deer. He destroys the forests. In his temple everyone shouts, “Glory to God!” 
The LORD ruled as king at the time of the flood, and the LORD will rule as king forever. 
May the LORD make his people strong. May the LORD bless his people with peace. 

Lord, I thank you that even though parts of my body and my psyche seem weak (like my knee that keeps popping out of joint!!), overall you have made me strong enough to deal with every single thing you put before me (even bad knees)! I am so very grateful that the top of the camper is solid and has NO leaks, so that I do not have to worry about my Lenny and my other devices and equipment getting wet. I thank you for the little heater, and I thank you that at least 1/4 of my Mate’s electric blanket still functions well, keeping him warm enough to make it through these last cold days of Texas winter. I am also very grateful that I still have enough warmth — and enough internet, barely — to continue to make progress even during these more difficult days. And I thank you that my blankets are staying dry, so that when I do get chilled while working at the table, I can stop and curl up under the blankets and get warm again. I even have the blessing of being able to use that warm-time to read some of my Kindle books to learn more about how to use the Adobe CC apps I am ALSO blessed with. Heehee, thank you, faithful Shepherd!! 🙂


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