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Feb 20

Hello, Father!
Thank you for the awesome warm night last night, hovering around 70 degrees all the way through the night until the cold front just started blowing in recently, early afternoon. Thank you for the beautiful cozy night and the writing experience. Thank you for the invigorating storm that pummeled the camper early in the morning, and thank you for the blessed peace that I had, in awe of my Creator rather than worrying, lol. Thank you for the slower, more tranquil rain this morning, turning the little popup camper into a giant drumset, complete with cymbals on the horizontal roof, and snares and tom toms on the vertical and diagonal canvas sides, haha. And thank you for the deep bass of thunder, airplanes, and the nearby train. I always enjoy the bass best, heehee.

Deuteronomy 11:13-17 ERV

“The Lord says, ‘You must listen carefully to the commands I give you today: You must love the LORD your God, and serve him with all your heart and all your soul. If you do that, 
I will send rain for your land at the right time. I will send the autumn rain and the spring rain. Then you can gather your grain, your new wine, and your oil. 
And I will make grass grow in your fields for your cattle. You will have plenty to eat.’ 
“He says, ‘Be careful! Don’t be fooled. Don’t turn away from me to serve other gods and to bow down to them.’ 
If you do that, the LORD will become very angry with you. He will shut the skies, and there will be no rain. The land will not make a harvest, and you will soon die in the good land that the LORD is giving you.

Lord, I thank you for always taking such good care of your people. You really ask so very little of us — just to accept the sacrifice of your Son and all that you have given us through Him, and then to just keep looking to you, involving you in an increasing portion of our lives, and trusting you to be and to do what you say you are and will do. And we can absolutely trust you to do your part, always making sure we have every little thing that we NEED, and helping us grow beyond what we THINK we need, lol. Thank you for teaching me, Shepherd. Please help me to be faithful in all ways to you, and not even doubt for a moment that you will sustain us through the coming two days of cold weather, rain, and possible SNOW!! I thank you that we have everything we need right here in this tiny camper, even enough work for me to do to keep me busy for many months! Thank you for warm and dry clothing (even if they aren’t so clean anymore), and thank you for warm and dry blankets. Thank you for enough food and water, and thank you for our little port-a-potty and our customized system of using it and keeping it clean. I feel truly blessed, not just because I have all these things, but also that I have such wonderful husbands — one who is my eternal Shepherd and Creator, and the other who truly does carry his own weight and then some, freeing my heart and mind and body to be more productive for you, Lord God. Help me to use what I have wisely, including my time and my energy. Amen.


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