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Jan 22

Hello, Father.
Thank you for helping me through the heartache of last night and this morning, and thank you for helping me to just keep my mouth shut and not make things worse today. Thank you for more time at the library, even though my little sanctuary has been removed and it no longer feels like “home” — whatever that is, lol. Father, as far as we know we only have one more night to stay indoors, and then we are back to sleeping either inside the cab of the truck, or inside the camper (but where?). I may find myself without a bathroom again, during a time that I am emotional and bleed off and on like crazy, due to premenopause. I am also dealing with this crazy vertigo caused by a neck injury I sustained over a decade ago, and both myself and my Mate are still recovering from this flu that almost took our lives. I still trust you completely, my Shepherd. Please help me to be brave and not lose heart. Amen.

Psalm 50:1-15 ERV

One of Asaph’s songs. The LORD God Most Powerful has spoken. He calls to everyone on earth, from where the sun rises to where it sets. 
God appeared from Zion, the city of perfect beauty. 
Our God is coming and will not keep quiet. Fire burns in front of him. There is a great storm around him. 
He tells the sky and the earth to be witnesses as he judges his people. 
He says, “My followers, gather around me. Come, my worshipers, who made an agreement with me.” 
God is the judge, and the skies tell how fair he is. Selah 
God says, “My people, listen to me! People of Israel, I will show my evidence against you. I am God, your God. 
The problem I have with you is not your sacrifices or the burnt offerings you bring to me everyday. 
Why would I want more bulls from your barns or goats from your pens? 
I already own all the animals in the forest. I own all the animals on a thousand hills. 
I know every bird in the mountains. Everything that moves in the fields is mine. 
If I were hungry, I would not ask you for food. I already own the world and everything in it. 
I don’t eat the meat of bulls or drink the blood of goats.” 
You made promises to God Most High, so give him what you promised. Bring your sacrifices and thank offerings. 
God says, “Call me when trouble comes. I will help you, and you will honor me.” 

Thank you, Lord, for your provision and your protection. I look forward to serving you and getting to know you better, even during the scary days of facing the Unknown which lies directly ahead of me. Please help me to remain humble, teachable, and willing to do all that you ask of me. Amen.


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