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Feb 24

Good morning, Lord!
Thank you so much for protecting us yesterday, giving us a safe trip and a positive experience. Thank you for healing my heart in the night, removing the hate that sunk like claws into my heart, when I didn’t even know it was there before you showed me. Thank you for the healing, and for replacing hate with peace! Thank you also for the encouragement early this morning, reminding me that ALL I need to do is stay inside you, and I will be kept clean and safe. Thank you, Faithful Shepherd! 😀

Isaiah 40:10-15 ERV

The Lord GOD is coming with power. He will use his power to rule all the people. He will bring rewards for his people. He will have their payment with him.
Like a good shepherd, he takes care of his people. He gathers them like lambs in his arms. He holds them close, while their mothers walk beside him.
Who measured the oceans in the palm of his hand? Who used his hand to measure the sky? Who used a bowl to measure all the dust of the earth? Who used scales to measure the mountains and hills?
Who could know the LORD’S mind? Who could be his teacher or give him advice?
Did the Lord ask for anyone’s help? Did anyone teach him to be fair? Did anyone teach him knowledge? Did anyone teach him to be wise?
Look, all the nations in the world are like one small drop in the bucket. If the Lord took all the faraway nations and put them on his scales, they would be like small pieces of dust.

Lord, I thank you for holding me close, like your little lamb. Thank you also for holding my own children close, as I walk beside you! Please give us all wisdom enough to stay close to YOU and not go wandering off on our own, thinking we “got this”! Please help us all to stay beside you — even inside you as you instructed me — as we make our way through these difficult days! Thank you, Shepherd and Mighty Creator!


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