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Nov 11

Wow. The clock on my computer says 11:11am, and it is 11/11/17, lol. That’s kinda crazy. 😉 Lord, you see everything in me, around me, behind me, and here in front of me. You see all that I’ve lived through, all the decisions I’ve made, and everything that I will face in the coming weeks and months and years. I feel just a bit lost today, and quite a bit weary. I probably just need some good sleep, but that is something hard to get right now. I thank you for allowing me to be here for my Mate, and I ask that you help us both finish up all the last little things here at my sister’s before we leave this safe place and venture out into the Unknown. I feel unprepared, for I have less money than I’ve had for months — and right now we have nothing but an old flatbed truck to “live” in with all of our stuff. Yet I do know that I am as prepared as ever, for I have my faith and my gratitude, along with my closeness with my earthly husband and with my eternal Husband. I will make it just fine.

2 Samuel 7:27-29 ERV

“You, LORD All-Powerful, the God of Israel, have shown things to me. You said, ‘I will make your family great.’ That is why I, your servant, decided to pray this prayer to you. 
Lord GOD, you are God, and I can trust what you say. And you said that these good things would happen to me, your servant. 
Now, please, bless my family. Let them stand before you and serve you forever.
Lord GOD, you yourself said these things. You yourself blessed my family with a blessing that will continue forever.” 

Father, you may not have promised to make my family great, but you have called your people your own children, part of YOUR great family, and I believe you. I can trust what you say, and I can believe in your faithful care and provision. My human eyes may not see much to hope in as I look around me — or even within me — but YOU see things much differently, much more clearly and much more confidently. I put myself, my Mate, and my children in your hands and ask you to take good care of us all. Help us to be humble and look to you for our strength and direction. Give us courage to choose your way and to accept your timing. Amen.


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