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Feb 20

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for the joy in my heart, despite the world falling down around me! My husband might have to go to jail for six months for not paying child support on time. Even if he doesn’t, his truck is falling apart and he may not be able to do his job. My car is falling apart, and may not pass inspections, rendering it useless in one months’ time. My daughter is lonely and depressed, and my dog is dying. But you see all these things, my Lord, and you still allow me to have this peace and trust in you, even this surprising joy, excitement for today and the future because YOU are still in control, YOU are still Faithful!

Psalm 16:5-11 ERV

LORD, you give me all that I need. You support me. You give me my share.
My share is wonderful. My inheritance is very beautiful.
I praise the LORD because he taught me well. Even at night he put his instructions deep inside my mind.
I always remember that the LORD is with me. He is here, close by my side, so nothing can defeat me.
So my heart and soul will be very happy.
Even my body will live in safety,
because you will not leave me in the place of death. You will not let your faithful one rot in the grave.
You will teach me the right way to live. Just being with you will bring complete happiness. Being at your right side will make me happy forever.

Thank you, Lord, for David, and for allowing us to still have his words and songs to you. It is encouraging to know that others before me have had “a heart after God” and found joy despite overwhelming or devastating circumstances! It helps to read David’s words, and to know he felt the same way in life — nearly helpless and totally dependent upon you! I may not have the emphasis on my body and my enemies as David did, but I have my own worries and things that seem like life-or-death struggles. My heart sometimes swims in my bed, as David’s did. But in the morning comes joy, for I feel you with me. Truly your rod and your staff comfort me, and I am at peace. Even if I CAN see the wolves coming!


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