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Oct 24

Lord, I thank you for the rocky, uncomfortable start to this day, because I know that not every day can be as awesome as some of the ones I’ve had lately, and I know that I can trust you to be just as close, and just as merciful and caring as ever, even when things don’t SEEM to be so great. So I give you my heart, my body, my work, my time. I ask that you encourage my mind in the direction that you want me to go this day, and help me to take heart and just focus on the things I can control, like my attitude and my behavior. Help me to be bright and hopeful for those around me, and guide me in my work and play. Amen.

Galatians 3:1-9 ERV

You people in Galatia are so foolish! Why do I say this? Because I told you very clearly about the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. But now it seems as though you have let someone use their magical powers to make you forget. 
Tell me this one thing: How did you receive the Spirit? Did you receive the Spirit by following the law? No, you received the Spirit because you heard the message about Jesus and believed it. 
You began your life in Christ with the Spirit. Now do you try to complete it by your own power? That is foolish. 
You have experienced many things. Were all those experiences wasted? I hope they were not wasted! 
Does God give you the Spirit because you follow the law? Does God work miracles among you because you follow the law? No, God gives you his Spirit and works miracles among you because you heard the message about Jesus and believed it. 
The Scriptures say the same thing about Abraham. “Abraham believed God, and because of this faith he was accepted as one who is right with God.” 
So you should know that the true children of Abraham are those who have faith. 
The Scriptures told what would happen in the future. These writings said that God would make the non-Jewish people right through their faith. God told this Good News to Abraham before it happened. God said to Abraham, “I will use you to bless all the people on earth.” 
Abraham believed this, and because he believed, he was blessed. All people who believe are blessed the same as Abraham was.

Lord, I am grateful that the story of my life that you are writing (or have written and I am just living out, lol) does not depend on little ME, because I am just like every other human and experience fears and self-doubts and such, just like everyone else. I doubt myself and feel unworthy of your care, or of any love at all some times. Yet I also recognize that as a foolish trick of the enemy, a distraction from the Truth, because I never, ever deserve your mercy or your Love and your care and your acceptance, no matter what I do or don’t do. All that matters is that I BELIEVE in your Word, and accept what it says as Truth, putting on Jesus as my cloak, my salvation, my Shepherd, my Way to the Father. And I DO believe, so I AM safe and I AM strong enough and “good enough” to not just make it through this day, this week, the rest of this year — but also to excel in the areas that HE desires for me to, and to accomplish all that He puts before me to do. I can rest in His mighty power, and resist the enemy’s attempts to get me to focus on the reality of my OWN powerlessness. Who cares who I am? All that truly matters is who HE is, and what HE has promised to a Little One like me who believes in Him. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Please encourage my heart, and the hearts of all those whom I love, and all those who read these words. Amen. 🙂


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