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Oct 22

Good morning, Lord.
Thank you for such an awesome day yesterday, the beautiful weather and good family time, as well as all the learning and growth! Thank you for a good night of sleep after one with almost none — thanks to the sheer excitement of learning new things, lol. Thank you for giving me confidence and peace, even an assurance that I CAN do the programming and motion graphics to create what is in my mind’s eye, or whatever manifestation of it that YOU have designed for it, Lord. It is exciting to have a Big Picture to strive toward, even though at the moment it seems a bit unorganized and Unknown, especially with my 25 websites spread across two different servers at the moment, lol.

Psalm 21 ERV

To the director: A song of David. LORD, your strength makes the king happy. He is so happy when you give him victory. 
And you gave him what he wanted. You gave him what he asked for. Selah 
You gave the king such wonderful blessings. You put a golden crown on his head. 
He asked for life, and you gave it. You gave him life that goes on forever. 
You led him to victory that brought him great glory. You gave him honor and fame. 
You have given him blessings that will last forever. You have given him the joy of being near you. 
The king trusts in the LORD, and the faithful love of God Most High will keep him from falling. 

Lord, you will show all your enemies that you are strong. Your power will defeat those who hate you. 
When you appear, you will burn them up like a blazing furnace. In your anger, LORD, you will completely destroy them; they will be swallowed by flames of fire. 
Their families will be destroyed. They will be removed from the earth. 
That is because they made evil plans against you. They wanted to do things they could not do. 
You will make them turn and run away when you aim your arrows at their faces. 
LORD, we lift you up with our songs of praise. We sing and play songs about your power! 

Lord, I thank you for giving me the joy that comes from being near you, and from allowing you complete and total access to every little nook and cranny of my mind, my heart, my life. Thank you for giving me courage and confidence, and thank you for all the awesome people in my life, including the ones who read this blog and the ones who provide me with a little “trickle income”, all together paying me $5 off and on all day, every day, in exchange for access to my printables. Please show me how to serve people even better, not just through new printables, but through new animations and mini apps and games and even a complete learning interface. Please continue to guide me, Shepherd. Help me to resist the longings of my flesh and the enemy’s distractions, and focus on what YOU want me to learn and do each day. Show me how to help my husband and sister and everyone else I come into contact with. Thank you for your awesome longsuffering, patience, mercy, protection, and provision, Lord God. I trust you completely. 🙂


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