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Oct 21

Hello, Father!
Thank you for keeping me at peace all day yesterday, even during the most intense moments. Thank you for helping me make smooth decisions and not feel any overwhelming pressure. Thank you for the nice start in migrating my sites to the new system, and thank you for all that I am learning, at such a rapid pace, in areas as diverse as applied physics, ornithology, PHP and mySQL, LX (UX or User eXperience, specifically for Learning), visual storytelling, motion graphics design, plant morphology, the history of Spain, and the geography of Italy, haHA! I have so very much FUN exploring both the natural and technological worlds, Lord! And then there are other things that perhaps do not fit either category neatly, which are more “social” like history and human psychology and communication… It is amazing even to my own self what an abundance of interest I have in so many different fields of knowledge and understanding and design and creativity! And then, in the background, I am growing in spirit, too, because your Holy Spirit is constantly at work in me, pruning away the junk that I think I need, in favor of nurturing the roots and shoots and fruits that YOU want to grow in the garden of my life, my eternal Husband. I truly feel like a child exploring my Father’s Kingdom, and I ask you to show me how to share my delight with others, inspiring them toward this awesome freedom and joy that I feel. Thank you, Shepherd. I trust you completely. Lead on! 😀

Psalm 119:29-45 ERV

Don’t let me live a lie. Guide me with your teachings. 
I have chosen to be loyal to you. I respect your laws. 
I follow your rules closely, LORD. Don’t let me be put to shame. 
I do my best to follow your commands, because you are the one who gives me the desire. 
LORD, teach me your laws, and I will always follow them. 
Help me understand your teachings, and I will follow them. Obeying them will be my greatest desire. 
Help me follow your commands, because that makes me happy. 
Give me the desire to follow your rules, not the desire to get rich. 
Don’t let me look at worthless things. Help me live your way. 
Do what you promised me, your servant, so that people will respect you. 
Take away the shame I fear. Your laws are good. 
See how much I want to obey your instructions! Be good to me, and let me live. 
LORD, show me your faithful love. Save me, as you promised. 
Then I will have an answer for those who make fun of me for trusting what you say. 
Let me always say what is true. I depend on your judgment to be fair. 
I will follow your teachings forever and ever. 
So I will live in freedom, because I do my best to know your instructions. 


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